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Say it with Naboulove...

Ok Naboulove tagline is normally “Be empowered because you are powerful” I just changed the empowered by N-powered & powerful to power full . If I dared I would have written power filled…I dared. *SMILE

So what is “to empower” ? In the various definition I read it is described as “A management practice of sharing information, rewards, and power with employees “  or “the process of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action, and control work” . From the UN’s Guidelines to Women’s Empowerment ,Women’s empowerment is :

-Sense OF Self Worth as a woman

-The right to choose

– Access to resources & opportunities

-Control over their own lives at home & within the society

-Influential in achieving social justice within their nations & at the international level

I love taking my grandmother as an example : if she managed to be a financially…

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Bill Gates seen from an American Point of view

I have subscribed to a co-blogger posts & I was quite in shock when I read her point of view about Bill Gates  . But the shock didn’t come from the contenet but more from the fact that she was just describing an African Billionnaire kindof person. Doing a lot here & there but hardly doing anything for his fellow village mates. What a cold shower  it was for me. So Americans do criticize Bill& Melinda (Africa’s savior) for forgetting to give a helping hand to their next door neighboor. Without wanting to sound bitter, isn’t just that a typical billionnaire blindness syndrom? So before we start praising all the Africa helpers, it is not bed to get a fresh point of view…

Be the change you want to see in Africa

Nabou Fall

Listen to be inspired

How did it all start ? for me to start another blog… You wonder. Actually I was in the office of a friend Patricia , who owns a magazine I write for ” International Working Lady” . So we were just chatting, sharing dreams, visions & other issues & she told me she wanted me to write something as Nabou Fall the business person not as naboulove for some projects she has in the future. It just clicked in my head, ok , I do have that entrepreneur & leadership experience in a quite challenging environment. So Why not? Anyway I always have things to say about so many things so I might as well. And it reminded me of a pending project I have with my business partner Kaduna Business School, knowing that I can’t give lectures as “Naboulove” (even though ifirmly think that love matters are as serious as accounting, or marketing …). So sharing with them , listening to them inspired me in doing this. So please don’t do as I sometimes do (pretend I know already ) & have an open ear to what is said, it might change your life forever.

Be the change you want to see in Africa

Nabou FALL

It’s never too late to be you.

There is a Susan Boyle in each of us

“I Dreamed a  Dream” isn’t it the title for Susan’s song? She is not sexy , neither pretty , slim nor young but she has a magnificent voice & made her way through reality tv . British next supestar. She is a single over fourty slightly inadapted but she made it. And one thing I can say is you either love her or hate her. If you love her , it’s because she brings back hopes that simple ordinary people with talent can succeed even by staying themselves. You will hate her if you don’t think it’s fair for someone  like her to be a media phenomenom. She doesn’t have the style nor the look but she pushed  her luck & there is nothing anyone can do about it. So stop dreaming & start drawing your coming out strategy.

Have you identified YOUR talent? What is it? What have you done lately to express it or practise it. Are you learning new things about it daily ? No. Then you should. The internet is the new open world.Success I believe is a fair combination of talent, luck & hard work so .. dig deep inside of you,maybe  it has tried to come out but you buried it – Alive . . Ok so you think you have put a finger on it? Press on it , squeeze it & let it express itself , whether its cooking, dancing, singing, writing, decorating, gardening, caring about kids… Once it’s out , control it, mould it , improve it & do it better & better each day. Let it flow. How do you feel? In phase with yourself? I knew it. So block your ears to the mocking laughs of your friends & family , the world is waiting to be conquered by you.

“Be the change you want to see in Africa”

Nabou Fall



The world has changed, you can from a clic in your room, from your phone, your tablet or your laptop post a comment on social medias , namely facebook, twitter (microblogging), linkedin (professional platforn), tumblr (visual microblogging), etc. Or even post on your blogs. I see too many Afropreneurs, focusing more on their many moods on their facebook instead of capitalizing on building a customer base. Yes your friends love your designs (if you are a designer) & would love to know how to buy them. I have experience with at least 4 designers a total silence when I requested to purchase their clothes. So what are you doing? Creating to be praised or creating to do business & create value? The best response i got was from Nigerian designer Funke Ogunde Phunkafrique, who made my order that I managed to receive in Congo. Same thing with Laydeejayne couture based in London & Akua Wood from Sheabutter Cottage. These sisters mean business. I can also mention Rashidat Hamza from Designer’s Muse in Lagos, Nafytoo in Dakar,Tetou Gologo from Mali who designs Tamacali etc… They are befriending genuilely people & when those “friends” want to become customers they give them the latitude to do so. Thumbs up to all of them. I will also mention my dear big sister Nicole Akon who displays her collections, organizes sales & gives us opportunity to become clients. So even if you are the greatest artist on earth, or best creator, if you don’t answer to the basic potential customer demand, how do you make money? so don’t hesitate to share your talents with your friends, being a praised artist or writer online doesn’t make any sense if you don’t sell… Beside the aforementioned Social medias, you might waant to check Instagram (especially fashion designers) who can share the making of a dress. So empower yourself through social medias, be an Afropreneur Ladies, with the new marketing tools, sky is the limit? Don’t just rely on your talent or the quality of your products. Workout the distribution. Why do less if you can sell more?

Be the change you want to see in Africa

Nabou FALL

Don’t skip on Marketing

I am not a lecturer but I have to talk, i do salute all the many positive initiatives of fashion weeks, fashion shows, Fashion Festivals taking place from Marrakech to Dakar, Lagos , Nairobi, Cape Town etc. Whereas the anglophone seem to be much more organized than my francophone people when it comes to marketing I must say that we don’t doubt as Africans that we have talents & skills. But there is an issue i have faced is the lack of avalaibility of the beautiful pieces displayed. So my question is : since we want to raise fashion to a more professional level, why don’t we associate Marketing experts, webmasters, Social Medias gurus etc on the same floor with designers, PR specialists , Magazine reps; etc. I believe that bloggers, as well as distribution experts should also be associated. Just my two cents.

Be the change you want to see in Africa

Nabou Fall

The Painful price of corruption

Corruption‘s uglier face isn’t only materialized by people taking advantage of their position to illegally enrich themselves. There is a darker, gloomier & deadly side to it that has showed its consequences more than once in various African countries.

Maybe you have never heard of what happened in Senegal on the 26th of September 2002, a boat unfit for Navigation the JOOLA sank causing the death of near to 2000 people. All this because a greedy civil servant awarded the right to navigate to a boat who had had isues in June of the same year. Yes the Joola catastrophy is one the biggest Naval disaster of the last 50 years , just because someone wanted to make easy mony at a certain level of Senegal civil administration, 2000 innocent died.

And the death as seen recently in the Dana Air  crash in Nigeria root not only in corruption but also in the lack of reactive response from the emergency units. On SundAy June 3rd 2012 when Dana Air Flight 992 crashed in the outskirt of Lagos killing 143 passengers , the same conclusion arose: why a plane who has been under technical distress got to fly? but that question once again was raised too late. More innocents paid with their lives. I do believe in the unpredictability of death but I also believe in securing its citizen by making sure the rules are applied & respected. This is one too many of African  looters irresponsibilities towards the people.

On the same note in Brazzaville , Congo Republic Capital on March 4th , an ammunition depot exploded destroying the northern area of the city , killing hundreds & leaving 14.000 homeless refugees. And the same pattern was repeated : delay to come rescue the victims & the questions arising after so many died… I do not believe in any  curse , since the people involved in these various issues had a choice when they made a decision. Obviously they chose their own pocket over the safety of their people & this shows just how Corruption is a cancer that kills innocents… just thinking aloud since all I have is words to express my pain. I could go on & on but I am sure each of us has a story to tell…

“Be the change you want to see in Africa ”

Nabou FALL