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Big Up Mrs Banda

June 17, 2012

Malawi has followed Liberia with the wind of change, by becoming  Africa’s second country with a woman as a President. Mrs Joyce Banda   vice-President from 2009 to 2012 succeeded to the late President  Bingu wa Mutharika in a smooth transition in April 2012 . The 62 year old mother of 5 has surprised the world with her decision to sell the Presidential Air Jet, as well as 60 Mercedes Benz of the presidential car fleet. Awkward & usual decision for an African President. She also announced that she will not participate to the AU summit displaced to Addis Ababa in July, willing to focus on putting her country’s economy back on track. Another very unusual decision from an African Head of State. We know that our leaders love those summits & reunion where they drag hundreds of useless followers who cramp the already meager budget of the state. These first signs of good governance have seduced the Malawi population breaking with the late president luxury lifestyle. Personally I diddn’t know much about that country but we keep our hopes high with a leader liKe Mrs Banda who has been nominated as one of Africa’s most powerful women by Forbes Magazine. Thanks for these incredible moves Mrs Banda, YOU ARE REVIVING not only HOPE for Malawi but for Africa.

Be the change you want to see in Africa

Nabou FALL

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