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My gender Apartheid Experience

June 18, 2012

1999 , in Brazzaville Congo Republic I had just been hired by Mr Sawiris Naguib himself in Cairo as Sales & Marketing Director of Orascom Telecom upcoming Network in the country. I was under 30,  quite happy to be part of a new challenge in a post conflict environment. The future was promising… Until I had to face some realities. In the first appartment we used as office , no visitor would come straight to me, they would first talk to my male colleagueS (I was a young black lady so I could only be a secretary or some unimportant staff) at that time the MD was Lebanese , the CFO was Egyptian & the CTO was from DRCongo. It was amusing my colleagues to send them back to me for all sales & marketing related issues since the same persons had underestimated my potential influence within the company just because of my gender. Thank God I have learnt to minimize such issues & just focused on getting the work done somehow . It was a very enriching experience altogether to work for Mr Sawiris who is an african inspiration & a very fair & down to earth individual. But sadly those who gave less credit to African women were neither my Europeans or Arab colleagues but mostly my African brothers. So this is the challenge many sisters still have to face. How can we move the continent together if you can’t value our potential as professionals?

Be the change you want to see in Africa

Nabou FALL

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