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The Painful price of corruption

June 22, 2012

Corruption‘s uglier face isn’t only materialized by people taking advantage of their position to illegally enrich themselves. There is a darker, gloomier & deadly side to it that has showed its consequences more than once in various African countries.

Maybe you have never heard of what happened in Senegal on the 26th of September 2002, a boat unfit for Navigation the JOOLA sank causing the death of near to 2000 people. All this because a greedy civil servant awarded the right to navigate to a boat who had had isues in June of the same year. Yes the Joola catastrophy is one the biggest Naval disaster of the last 50 years , just because someone wanted to make easy mony at a certain level of Senegal civil administration, 2000 innocent died.

And the death as seen recently in the Dana Air  crash in Nigeria root not only in corruption but also in the lack of reactive response from the emergency units. On SundAy June 3rd 2012 when Dana Air Flight 992 crashed in the outskirt of Lagos killing 143 passengers , the same conclusion arose: why a plane who has been under technical distress got to fly? but that question once again was raised too late. More innocents paid with their lives. I do believe in the unpredictability of death but I also believe in securing its citizen by making sure the rules are applied & respected. This is one too many of African  looters irresponsibilities towards the people.

On the same note in Brazzaville , Congo Republic Capital on March 4th , an ammunition depot exploded destroying the northern area of the city , killing hundreds & leaving 14.000 homeless refugees. And the same pattern was repeated : delay to come rescue the victims & the questions arising after so many died… I do not believe in any  curse , since the people involved in these various issues had a choice when they made a decision. Obviously they chose their own pocket over the safety of their people & this shows just how Corruption is a cancer that kills innocents… just thinking aloud since all I have is words to express my pain. I could go on & on but I am sure each of us has a story to tell…

“Be the change you want to see in Africa ”

Nabou FALL

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