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June 30, 2012


The world has changed, you can from a clic in your room, from your phone, your tablet or your laptop post a comment on social medias , namely facebook, twitter (microblogging), linkedin (professional platforn), tumblr (visual microblogging), etc. Or even post on your blogs. I see too many Afropreneurs, focusing more on their many moods on their facebook instead of capitalizing on building a customer base. Yes your friends love your designs (if you are a designer) & would love to know how to buy them. I have experience with at least 4 designers a total silence when I requested to purchase their clothes. So what are you doing? Creating to be praised or creating to do business & create value? The best response i got was from Nigerian designer Funke Ogunde Phunkafrique, who made my order that I managed to receive in Congo. Same thing with Laydeejayne couture based in London & Akua Wood from Sheabutter Cottage. These sisters mean business. I can also mention Rashidat Hamza from Designer’s Muse in Lagos, Nafytoo in Dakar,Tetou Gologo from Mali who designs Tamacali etc… They are befriending genuilely people & when those “friends” want to become customers they give them the latitude to do so. Thumbs up to all of them. I will also mention my dear big sister Nicole Akon who displays her collections, organizes sales & gives us opportunity to become clients. So even if you are the greatest artist on earth, or best creator, if you don’t answer to the basic potential customer demand, how do you make money? so don’t hesitate to share your talents with your friends, being a praised artist or writer online doesn’t make any sense if you don’t sell… Beside the aforementioned Social medias, you might waant to check Instagram (especially fashion designers) who can share the making of a dress. So empower yourself through social medias, be an Afropreneur Ladies, with the new marketing tools, sky is the limit? Don’t just rely on your talent or the quality of your products. Workout the distribution. Why do less if you can sell more?

Be the change you want to see in Africa

Nabou FALL


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  1. Well said! i am more interested in connecting with people in order to share knowledge and merge cultural ideals, but you make very good points here 🙂 i wish you the best

  2. Great article ! It says everything, and yes let us be the change we want to be in Africa. My own experience shows me the importance of the above mentioned marketing tools…but I must admit that some issues are faced only by Africans… For example the payment process, or how to send safely items etc. But as Nabou says, the sky is the limit, and I guess most of us feel strong enough to act no matter what !

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