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Listen to be inspired

July 10, 2012

How did it all start ? for me to start another blog… You wonder. Actually I was in the office of a friend Patricia , who owns a magazine I write for ” International Working Lady” . So we were just chatting, sharing dreams, visions & other issues & she told me she wanted me to write something as Nabou Fall the business person not as naboulove for some projects she has in the future. It just clicked in my head, ok , I do have that entrepreneur & leadership experience in a quite challenging environment. So Why not? Anyway I always have things to say about so many things so I might as well. And it reminded me of a pending project I have with my business partner Kaduna Business School, knowing that I can’t give lectures as “Naboulove” (even though ifirmly think that love matters are as serious as accounting, or marketing …). So sharing with them , listening to them inspired me in doing this. So please don’t do as I sometimes do (pretend I know already ) & have an open ear to what is said, it might change your life forever.

Be the change you want to see in Africa

Nabou FALL

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